Cerro Gordo Speedway

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General Rules
We have an open tire rule.
Mufflers are required.
We run 2 heats and a feature.
If a class has more than 10 karts, we will run a heat a, with 2 heats and a heat b with 2 heats, etc.
If there are more than 16 karts in a class, we will run a semi feature.
After 2 double file restarts, we will go to a single file restart.
No driving in the pits after a race.
70% Payback unless otherwise posted.
Birth certificate is required for anyone under the age of 18.
If driver has a birthday during the season, they can remain racing in the class they started in at the beginning of the season.

AKRA Box Stock Rules
Governor and oil sensor can be removed.
Jet drilling is allowed.
Any header with RLV.
Open clutch rule.

Cadets Purple Plate #250 Ages 5-7
Jr. 1 Green Plate #265 Ages 7-11
Jr. 3 Blue #320 Ages 12-15
Clone 360 Ages 16+
Clone 400 Ages 16+


Jr 1 Purple Plate #265 Ages 8-10
Jr 2 Turquoise Plate #290 Ages 10-12
Jr 3 Gold Plate #320 Ages 12-15
Stock Medium #350 Ages 16+
Stock Heavy #375 Ages 16+

Any questions, please ask!